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Penis size is an concern that impacts the wide largest percentage of men at some point through their lives. It is not unusual for men to really feel nervous or uncomfortable about their penis size, specially if they think that their pennis is much smaller than the average penis. However, lots of men who have got a penis size that is over average, would also like to obtain a bigger penis size. The worry about penis size can cause to self doubt and can very seriously damage a man’s self-confidence as well as their sexual performance. However, there are a variety of techniques that can be utilized to increase penis length and girth.


How does the average man measure up? Average penis size


Lots of men intentionally or unintentionally evaluate their own penis length to exactly what they comprehend as the average penis. The problem of what’s regarded to be the average penis size have been exposed to a variety of research studies. Often, a man can imagine that his own penis is smaller sized than average, when in reality they have a large penis size than the average man.


The average penis length is in between 5-6 inches when hard and in between 3-4 inches when flaccid, although the average penis girth (area) is considered to be in between 4-5 inches. Here is a chart that represent the results of a customer survey on average penis length performed by Lifestyle Condoms.


It is probable for a man with the penis length of less than 3” (when flaccid) to become an erection double his size, as a flaccid penis can increase up to 100% when erect. When thinking about penis enlargement, the erect penis size must be regarded and not the flaccid penis length. Learn in discover more on how to evaluate your penis properly.


Evaluate Your Penis Size Correctly


Lots of men evaluate their penis size wrongly leading to thoughts of anxiety and depression only to discover later that they've got a bigger penis size that they imagined. To evaluate the size of your penis properly, you must:


* Evaluate from the point at the starting of your erect penis towards your pubic bone to the point of your penis head. This may help you to evaluate the length correctly.


* To evaluate the girth / circumference properly, you must evaluate the middle shaft around the penis when erect. Uncircumcised men must evaluate after retracting their foreskin.

Can the penis become smaller?



There is a discussion that too much masturbation can produce the penis to get smaller but nothing is proved yet. A part from that subjecting your self to extreme cold, getting a cold water bath or shower, abrasions, atherosclerosis, stress and anxiety may also lead to a short-term shrinking in penis size. Lots of men search for methods to increase penis length and girth as they will get older, as the penis could actually appear smaller as men get older.


Different Methods for getting a bigger penis size – How to increase penis length and girth?


Penis enlargement methods can be applied for any man who wants to achieve a bigger penis size. Penis extender, pumps and penile surgeries have been proven to increase penis size over time. But, these methods are not the majority hidden and simple ways for men to gain a bigger penis size, and may occasionally cause to problems. Lots of men choose to utilize natural penis enlargement pills which use safe and effective ingredients to increase penis size without having the risk of side effects. The almost all important thing to keep in mind is that what ever your penis size, there are alternatives available which can increase penis growth.

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